Fort Smith, Arkansas 

Leader:    Linda Dickinson   479-461-1960

Sisters of the Heart  is a faith sharing group open to women of all ages and denominations.   Our goal is to encourage a personal relationship with God through the teachings of Jesus in scripture and through the words of various faith-filled authors. This group’s focus is to strengthen our faith by sharing and our sharing is based on care, compassion and confidentiality. We consider it a blessing to share our soul searching questions with each other and an honor to be trusted with the feelings of other faith filled women.   

Our Tuesday mornings are a joyful time of sharing, laughing and even crying with each other as we learn to recognize God’s Presence with and within us. We come with the certainty that as we share our experiences and questions with one another, we will receive encouragement, compassion and strength. This time together keeps us centered in Christ and reinforces our desire to share God’s message of love with our community.

Our studies challenge us to take an inner journey and discover the woman God intended us to be.   Each woman completes readings on her own during the week but faith sharing goes beyond personal study, for it is in the discussions that we hear God more clearly.  Oftentimes, clarity is provided when someone states exactly what another needed to hear. Our faith sharing is not about doctrine or theology, rather it is a time to be surrounded by love and understanding as we become aware of how God is working in our lives.   

This group meets on Tuesday mornings in Parish Room 1 throughout the school year from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.  and we undertake 1-2 studies each semester.   We always welcome new members, so if you would like to join us, please contact Linda Dickinson, 479-461-1960 and or Mary Charlton 479-883-3388 for more information.  

Sister's of the Heart Faith Sharing