Baptism “Animals know their young by smell.  So too with us: Mother Church knows her newborns because they smell like Christ, like chrism, like glory.”   

                                                                                                      Fr. David Phillipart

​Baptismal Preparation

Contact:  Laura McFall      479-783-7745

Fort Smith, Arkansas 

Congratulations!  You have been blessed with a glorious gift from God.  We want to welcome your child into God’s family through baptism.  We pray that your child will grow in faith, accepting the abundant grace God offers through the sacraments. We at Christ the King want you and your baby to have a beautiful relationship with Christ and his Church and we are committed to offering you all the help we can give.

All new parents (If you have not previously had a child Baptized) are asked to complete a Baptismal Prep. Class before their child is baptized.  Godparents are asked to attend this class. Once you have completed the class, please call the secretary at the Church office 479-783-7745 to schedule your child's Baptism with Fr. Juan.