Fort Smith, Arkansas 


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​​Annual  Events

Senior's Day & Health Fair   (July)

Ice Cream Social   (2nd Sunday August)

Endless Summer Party   (August 23)

Parish Picnic   (3rd Sunday in


Tents Trunks & Treats   (October 25)

Priesthood Sunday     (Oct. 26)

Thanksgiving Dinner  (Sunday                          before Thanksgiving)

Our Lady of Guadalupe  (December 7)

Welcoming New Parishioners

            (1st Sunday in January)

World Marriage Day  (2nd Sunday                   of February)

Soup Suppers  (Fridays during Lent)

Lenten Retreat  (Sundays at Lent)

Easter Egg Hunt   (Easter Sunday)

Carnival   (3rd weekend in May)

Vacation Bible School ( July)

As the Parish Family of Christ the King Church, we share our common faith in Jesus Christ in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  

​Together we bring ourselves closer to God and each other through spiritual support and worship, education, fellowship, and loving service to our neighbors.

Through these ministries we respect the dignity of each individual and are called to be stewards of God's gifts.​​

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